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Organizational scheme

The Institute has its seat in Prague 4,  Bartoskova str. 28.

The Institute has branches in Hradec Kralove - Piletice and in Ostrava.


The internal structure is:

  • Sector of the director
    Director: RNDr. Zdenek Rozlivka
  • Finance & Technology Section
    Deputy Director for Finance & Technollgy Section: Ing. Vladislav Huna
    • Finance Department
    • Technology Department
  • Sector of the Deputy Director for Research and Development
    Head: Ing. Jiri Hulka
    • Radiation Risk Assessment Department
    • Library, Organizational and Financial Management of Research
  • Sector of the Deputy Director for Radiation Protection
    • Monitoring of Artificial Radionuclides in Environment Department
    • Department in the town Plzen
    • Department in the town Ceske Budejovice
    • Department in the town Usti nad Labem
  • Section of the Deputy Director for Nuclear Safety
    Deputy Director for Nuclear Safety: Ing. Miroslav Hrehor
    • Department for Assesment and Research of Nuclear Safety
    • Department of National Supervision Support over Nuclear Safety
  • Section of Management
    Deputy Head of the Section: Bc. Radana Malhocka
  • Section of Monitoring
    Head: RNDr. Petr Rulik
    • Spectrometry Department
    • Radiochemistry Department
    • Internal Contamination Department
  • Section of Medical Exposures
    Head: Ing. Ivana Horakova, CSc.
    • Radiotherapy and X-ray Laboratory Department
    • Thermoluminescence and Film Dosimetry Department
  • Section of Natural Radiactivity
    Head: Mgr. Ales Fronka
    • Indoor Radon Survey Department
    • Radon and NORM Department
    • Radon and Thoron laboratories
  • Section of Emergency Preparedness
    Head: Ing. Irena Cespirova
    • EWN (Early Warning Network) and Analytic Expert Group Department
    • Mobile Group Department
  • Separate departments
    • Dosimetry Department
      Head of the Dosimetry Department: Ing. Daniela Ekendahl
  • Branch in the town Hradec Kralove
    Head: Ing. Zdenek Borecky
    • Dosimetry and Radiochemistry Department
    • Information and Comunication Technology Department
  • Branch in the town Ostrava
    Head: Ing. Jiri Rada
    • Radiodiagnostic and Spectrometry Department
    • Radiochemistry Department
Center in Prague

Bartoškova 28


Branch in Hradec Kralove

Hradec Králové


Branch in Ostrava

PObočka Ostrava