Summary of SURO Research Projects:


Czech Projects


Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Security Research Programme of the Czech Republic 2015-2022:

  • Dosimetry for radiation accidents and incidents in the context of new operational quantities for external radiation, (contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Retrospective dosimetry for incidents with orphan radioactive sources, (contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Optimalization of system of in-situ measurements and remediation in agriculture., (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Optimization of procedures for realization of crop production in the region affected by a nuclear accident, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Public communication, education and media literacy in the area of anthropogenic and hybrid threats in radiation protection, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Innovative methods for detecting ultra-low level radioactivity for water-source vulnerability evaluation after nuclear accident, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Detector of the radioactive contamination in wounds, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI


Strategic Support of the Czech Republic Security Research Development Programme 2019-2025:

  • Center for the support of the population in case of actual or suspected occurrence of extraordinary nuclear and radiation events - CPOMU, (project participant), 2021-2025, IS VaVaI

Security Research Programme of the Czech Republic 2021-2026: Development, Testing and Evaluation of New Security Technologies (SECTECH):

  • Compact measuring module for drones with integrated radiation detector, (project participant),, 2022-2023, IS VaVaI


Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Beta 2 Programme:

  • A National Study of Head & Neck Radiotherapy Safety in the Czech Republic, (contractor), 2020-2023, IS VaVaI

  • National patient dose survey in pediatric radiology in the Czech Republic (contractor), 2020-2023, IS VaVaI

  • Radon activity concentration distribution research in dwellings in the Czech Republic for the purpose of conceptual work in the field of the population exposure from the natural radiation regulation, (contractor), 2021-2024, IS VaVaI

Theta Programme:

  • Development and Application of the methodology for verification of the subcriticality of the spent fuel of NPP Dukovany and NPP Temelin (burn-up credit), (project participant), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Conception of new system of modelling of artificial radionuclide spreading in hydrosphere during the common operation of NPP and its accident with external impact including data assimilation according to the state requirements, (project participant), 2019-2023, IS VaVaI

  • Development and application of methodology for verification of safety parameters of new core layouts in EDU and ETE, (project participant), 2020-2023, IS VaVaI

  • Critical analysis of strategies of decommissioning of nuclear facilities (CASDECOM), (project participant), 2020-2023, IS VaVaI


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Research Infrastructures:

  • Underground laboratory LSM - participation of Czech Republic (LSM-CZ), (project participant), 2020-2022, IS VaVaI

Operational Program Research, Development and Education (2014-2020):

Call: Excellent Research

  • Engineering applications of microworld physics, (project participant),2018-2022, IS VaVaI


Ministry of Industry and Trade

FV - TRIO Research programme:

  • Inverse radiotherapy treatment planning system with advanced optimization algorithms for modern radical radiotherapy, (project participant), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitivness 2014-2020:

  • Research and development of a new airborne gamma-ray spectrometer, (project participant), 2021-2023, IS VaVaI 


International Projects



European Commission

Horizon 2020 - Euratom: