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Summary of SURO Research Projects:


Czech Projects


Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Security Research Programme of the Czech Republic 2015-2020:

  • Dosimetry for radiation accidents and incidents in the context of new operational quantities for external radiation, (contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Retrospective dosimetry for incidents with orphan radioactive sources, (contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Optimalization of system of in-situ measurements and remediation in agriculture., (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Optimization of procedures for realization of crop production in the region affected by a nuclear accident, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Public communication, education and media literacy in the area of anthropogenic and hybrid threats in radiation protection, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Innovative methods for detecting ultra-low level radioactivity for water-source vulnerability evaluation after nuclear accident, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Detector of the radioactive contamination in wounds, (coordinating contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Identification of radiation extraordinary events origin at nuclear power plants and classification system of their relevance (coordinating contractor), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI

  • The new generation of portal monitors to ensure the security of the population (coordinating contractor), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI
  • Systems for measurement of artificial radioactivity in surface water bodies in case of a nuclear accident (coordinating contractor), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI
  • Disposal of radiation-contaminated biomass after NPP accident-distribution, logistic of harvesting, exploring in biogas technology (contractor), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI
  • Radiation Monitoring Network for institutions and schools to assure early awareness and enhancing safety of citizens (RAMESIS) (coordinating contractor), 2015-2019, IS VaVaI
  • Methodologies for determination of personal radiation doses in the view of nuclear and radiological terrorism threats (coordinating contractor), 2015-2020, IS VaVaI


Security Research Programme for State Administration Needs 2016-2021:

  • Emergency preperadness inovation for emergency response in the early and intermediate phase of nuclear power plant radiation accidents (contractor), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI
  • Recovery Management Strategy for Affected Areas after Radiation Emergency (contractor), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI


Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Beta 2 Programme:

  • Mapping and Determination of Radiation Risks of Contaminated Territories, 2019-2021, (participant), IS VaVaI

  • Optimised processes for planning and verifying of therapeutic administration of radionuclides (radionuclide therapy) (contractor), 2019-2021, IS VaVaI

  • Optimization of high dose CT procedures, (contractor), 2018-2020, IS VaVaI

Competence Centres Programme:

  • Radiation and nuclear safety technologies development center: RANUS - TD (project participant), 2012-2019, IS VaVaI


Theta Programme:

  • Development and Application of the methodology for verification of the subcriticality of the spent fuel of NPP Dukovany and NPP Temelin (burn-up credit), (contractor), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Conception of new system of modelling of artificial radionuclide spreading in hydrosphere during the common operation of NPP and its accident with external impact including data assimilation according to the state requirements, (contractor), 2019-2023, IS VaVaI

  • New Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Modeling System for Radionuclides,(coordinating contractor), 2018-2020, IS VaVaI

  • Calculation model for thermomechanical behavior of fuel rod including degradation processes of nuclear fuel coverage (contractor), 2018-2020, IS VaVaI

  • Development of SUBCHANFLOW (SCF) model for Sub-Channel Thermohydraulic Analysis of the reactor core and its validation by the code to code method. (contractor), 2018-2020, IS VaVaI

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

Research Infrastructures:

  • Underground laboratory LSM - participation of Czech Republic (LSM-CZ), (project participant), 2016-2019, IS VaVaI


Operational Program Research, Development and Education:

Call: Research Infrastructures

Call: Excellent Research


Ministry of Industry and Trade

FV - TRIO Research programme:

  • Inverse radiotherapy treatment planning system with advanced optimization algorithms for modern radical radiotherapy, (project participant), 2019-2022, IS VaVaI

  • Radon probes of a new generation, (project participant),2018-2020, IS VaVaI
  • Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System - the most advanced optimization algorithms for 3D dose calculation of external beams in the body and their integration into the new generation of the treatment planning system, (project participant), 2017-2020, IS VaVaI


International Projects


European Commission

Horizon 2020 - Euratom:

  • European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research - "European Concerted Programme on Radiation Protection Research - CONCERT(contractor), 2015-2020
    LOGO_EU.jpgThis project has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 662287.
  • NFRP - 2018-6: European Joint Research Programme in the management and disposal of radioactive waste, (project participant), 2018-2020
    LOGO_EU.jpgThis project has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement 847593.