NRPI's expert activities

The most significant activities are as follows:

  • Operating the Radiation Monitoring Network (RMN) in the Czech Republic. The RMN includes: Early Warning System with the continuous detection in about 50 locations, the operation of the TLD territorial network in three-month intervals in 184 locations, the atmospheric contamination monitoring and the analyses of the environmental samples.
  • Operating the mobile team for radiation accidents and emergency events (for details see below)
  • Systematic searching for the buildings with increased radon concentrations in the Czech Republic, managing the central database (radon in houses, building materials, and natural nuclides in water supplied to the public water mains) for the evaluation of the exposure of the population to ionizing radiation (for details see the section NATURAL SOURCES)
  • Expert work, especially in the following branches:
    Expert reports, expert opinions, cooperation in the audits related to radiation protection, consultancy, laboratory expertise and in-situ measurements, radiation protection assessments for medical exposure (two expert groups operate in NRPI, one for radiodiagnostics and the other for radiotherapy)