Current radiation situation in Czech Republic

Map of Photon Dose Equivalent Rate (current situation)


The radionuclides in the air are monitored at 10 measurement sites (Praha, Hradec Králove, Usti n. L., Cheb, Kamenna, Ostrava, Holesov, Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Plzen) equipped with devices for aerosol sampling (high volume aerosol samplers: 2x Snow White, throughput of 2x900 m3/h, both at the same place in Prague and aerosol samplers Hunter with throughput of 150 m3/h working in Prague and at the other sampling sites in the Czech Republic).

The results of monitoring of air in the Czech Republic are shown in the figures:


Fig.1 Weekly values of activity concentrations of 137Cs, 7Be and 210Pb in the aerosol in Prague during the last months

(aerosol sampler Snow White, throughput 900m3/h)

MSA - minimum significant activity