Award of the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic for Extraordinary Results in the Field of Security Research for 2021

The Award went to team compounded of representatives of SÚRO, v. v. i. and NUVIA a.s. The Award Ceremony was 11th handover of the Award of the Minister appreciating Research and Development activities which develop innovative knowledge, methods and technologies that help face security challenges. Committee handing over the Award is composed of representatives of Ministry of Interior in the area of Security Research. The Committee assesses submitted proposals on the basis of importance of results for theoretical and application area, gravity and topicality of the problems and scientific reputation of the team.

Mr Petr Novák, Ph.D., presiding the Committee handing over the Award and Director of Department of Security Research and Police Education from Ministry of Interior, Ms Dana Drábová, Ph.D., Chairperson of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, representatives of SÚRO, v. v. i. and NUVIA a.s. attended the Award Ceremony. The Award went to the team for project VI20172020104 – “New generation of portal monitors for ensuring security of citizens (PoMoZ)“ that set up mobile portal radioactivity detector for monitoring persons and vehicles placed in a vehicle. This system can also be used for controlling or finding out illegal transport of radioactive material. If a part of the detector is taken out of the vehicle, it can also be configured into a gate used for screening people passing by. Such an innovation has a security meaning in both nuclear energy and in wider area of increasing security of citizens and protecting them before malevolent use of radioactive materials, for example at airports, in undergrounds, at mass events or in protected buildings. From long-term view it may lead to ensuring security situation both in the Czech Republic and also abroad. Work on the project comes out from SÚRO, v. v. i. experience from attending and securing safety of mass events and foreign visits.