Visit from IRSN

On Tuesday 6th February 2024, Mr. Jean Christophe NIEL (Director General of IRSN) visited SÚRO together with his colleagues Mr. Cyril PINEL (Director of European and International Affairs), Mr. Francois BARRE (Safety Research Deputy Director), Mr. Olivier MARCHAND (Safety Research Deputy Director) and Mrs. Carmen ALLAGBE (European and International Affairs Coordinator). The IRSN delegation was accompanied by Mr. Thiery Salmon (Nuclear Energy Advisor) together with his deputy Mrs. Fanny Pigot from French Embassy in Prague.

Representatives from IRSN and SÚRO discussed on the role of research and development in nuclear safety, as part of the revival of nuclear power in Europe in the future, in particular R&D support from TSOs to safety authority SÚJB. The possibilities of expanding existing cooperation between institutions were summarized - exchange of experts, knowledge and applications of simulation tools, new project PASTIS - Passive Systems Thermohydraulic Investigations for Safety, etc.