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Summary of Projects


Research Projects within the frame of public commissions for state administration:


1) Security Research for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

  • in years 2010 - 2015

Past R&D project

    • "Research of advanced methods of detection, estimation and management of resulting radioactive contamination" (contractor)

  • in years 2016 - 2021

Running R&D projects

    • “Testing of new systems for large scale thyroid monitoring after the nuclear power facility accident“ (contractor)

    • “A low-cost passive dosemeter for assessment of external exposure of persons in operational environment“ (contractor)


2) Within the frame of BETA Programme Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Running R&D projects

  • "Research on Population Exposure and Radiation Protection Optimization in Radiotherapy of Benign Diseases in the Czech Republic" (contractor)

  • "Optimalization of Exposure of Public and Workers to Natural Sources of Ionizing Radiation in the Czech Republic" (contractor)

  • “Optimization of Radiation Protection in Medical Exposure of Pediatric Pacients and Safety of Radiotherapy with Photon and Proton Beams in the Czech Republic“ (contractor)

  • “Creating of a new strategic documents to regulate radiation from natural sources in the housing stock in the Czech Republic“ (contractor)

  • “Research on the best practices to identify workplaces with a potential increased exposure to radon for the purpose of the implementation of EU Council Directive 2013/59 / Euratom“ (contractor)

Past R&D projects

  • "Research on Population Exposure and Radiation Protection Optimization in Medical Exposures in the Czech Republic" (contractor)

  • "The research on exposure of Czech population to radon and other natural ionizing radiation. The impact of the existing regulation system" (contractor)


Research Projects within the Frame of Public Competitions in Research and Development


1) Public competition in research, experimental development and innovation (Security Research Programme of the Ministry of the Interior)

Running R&D projects

  • “A device for measurement of radioactive aerosols in emergency situation with remote data transfer“ (coordinating contractor)

  • “Radiation Monitoring Network for institutions and schools to assure early awareness and enhancing safety of citizens (RAMESIS)“ (coordinating contractor)

  • “Methodologies for determination of personal radiation doses in the view of nuclear and radiological terrorism threats“ (contractor)

Past R&D projects

  • "Mobile and stationary radiation monitoring systems of the new generation for radiation monitoring networks" (coordinating contractor)

  • "The minimalizing impact of radiologicalcontamination on the landscape in an emergency zone of the NPP Temelin" (contractor)

  • "Prevention, preparedness and reduction of consequences of serious accidents of the Czech nuclear power plants in connection with the new experience obtained from the stress tests after the Fukushima accident" (contractor)

  • "New generation testing device MONTE-1 at the training reactor VR-1 to allow advanced testing of detection equipment of monitoring and interve- ning groups in the case of nuclear accidents and of early detection network equipment" (contractor)

  • "Instruments for monitoring of internal contamination in thyroide, especially of children, and transuranium radionuclide following nuclear plant accident" (coordinating contractor)

2) Public Competition for ALFA Programme of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic for support of applied research and experimental development

Running R&D projects

  • "Technology for obtaining low radon activity clean room at surface and underground laboratories with suppression of all types of ionizing radiation" (project participant)

Past R&D projects

  • "Modular station for continuous measurements of natural radioactivity" (contractor)

  • "Increasing of the Effectiveness of the System for Cleaning of Drinking Water Sources Contaminated by the Uranium in the Concentrations above the Treshold (Regeneration Site for Radioactively Contaminated Sorbents)" (project participant)

  • "The development of a new scintillation detectors and a advanced testing technology" (project participant)

  • "Facility providing extremely low concentration of radon" (project participant)

3) Public competition for COMPETENCE CENTRES Programme of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Running R&D projects

  • "Radiation and nuclear safety technologies development center: RANUS - TD" (project participant)

4) Public Competition for Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

Past R&D projects

  • "Degradation of polymer waterproofing by alpha particles and soil bacteria" (project participant)

5) Public Competition for the Ministry of Health

Past R&D projects

  • "Health risks from occupational and environmental radon exposure" (contractor)


International Projects:


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Running R&D project

  • “Development of Quality Audits for Advanced Technology in Radiotherapy Dose Delivery (IMRT) in the Czech Republic“

Past R&D projects

  • “Development of Postal Dosimetry Audits for Conformal Radiotherapy Techniques in the Czech Republic“

  • “Establishment of Calibration Procedures In SSDL And Clinical Dosimetry For Nonstandard Imaging Modalities And Dosimetric Tasks“

European Commission - Frame Programme 7 (FP7)

Running R&D projects

  • The European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP), JRP - Researcher Excellence Grant (REG) - “Metrology for Processing Materials with High Natural Radioactivity“ - JRP: IND57 MetroNORM (project participant)

  • OPERRA (Open Project for the European Radiation Research Area) - “Child and Adult Thyroid Monitoring After Reactor Accident - CAThyMARA“ (project participant)

  • ECHORD ++ - The European Coordination Hub for Open Robotics Development (project participant)

Past R&D projects

  • EURATOM - FISSION, Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection “Low Dose Research towards Multidisciplinary Integration - DoReMi“ (project participant)

  • Programme Security - "CBRN Crisis Management: Architecture, Technologies and Operational Procedures - CATO“ (project participant)

  • Health Programme, JRC – “Radon Prevention and Remediation – RADPAR(project participant)


European Commission - Horizon 2020

Running R&D projects

  • "European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research -European Concerted Programme on Radiation Protection Research - CONCERT“ (programme manager)


European Commission - ERASMUS+

Running R&D project

  • Action: Strategic Partnership - "Blended learning in radiation protection and radioecology“ (project participant)


Czech - Norwegian Research Programme

Running R&D project

  • "Advanced Detectors for Better Awareness of Neutrons and Gamma rays in environment - ADBANG" (project participant)