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Researcher in Retrospective dosimetry

Job description:

Retrospective dosimetry consists in determination of radiation dose using environmental, biological or locally available materials, especially when conventional dosemeters were not in place at the time of radiation exposure. Applications of retrospective dosimetry usually are related to events of serious radiation accidents or incidents with radioactive sources.

Your main mission will be to develop new methods retrospective dosimetry. It will include investigation of the dosimetry potential of different materials. The main physical methods applied will be thermally or optically stimulated luminescence and neutron activation. In addition, you will have opportunity to take part in development of biological retrospective dosimetry methods. You will participate in European scientific cooperation in retrospective dosimetry. You will collaborate on implementation of the new methods into radiation protection practice.

Required qualifications:

  • Relevant university degree or research experience in physics, preferably nuclear or radiation physics, medical physics or biophysics

  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English

  • Ability to present and document the work done

  • Analytical and computational skills

Desired skills:

  • Experience in Monte Carlo simulations, especially for applications of radiation physics and dosimetry

  • Interest in interdisciplinary cooperation (radiation physics – biochemistry)


For more information please contact

Daniela Ekendahl